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Patient being treated by Doctors of the World staff. <i>Photo by David Brunetti</i>

27 November, 2014

Doctors of the World launches Hackney clinic Read more »

NHS volunteers training at a replica Ebola treatment centre in York. <i>Photo by Simon Davis/ DFID</i>

20 November, 2014

DOTW to run NHS-staffed Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone Read more »

Children are living in appalling conditions near Calais. <i>Photo by MdM</i>

13 November, 2014

Calais: Syrian children are living in remote, muddy ditches Read more »

A patient being treated at a DOTW clinic <i>Photo by Spike Johnson</i>

22 October, 2014

Restricting access to healthcare just doesn’t make sense Read more »